President’s Letter

Since incorporating in July 2018, the Friends of The Jones Falls (FTJF) has demonstrated the critical need for a new organization to support and sustain the quality of life and long-term stewardship of the Jones Falls from the headwaters in Baltimore County to the Inner Harbor.

In our first year we won a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant to partner with Union Collective on a green infrastructure master plan for its property. This grant is a testament to our incredible Board of Directors—the expertise and resources they bring to the sustainability of The Jones Falls. An accompanying post describes the project and includes a link to the Master Plan. We seek more of this kind of stormwater mitigation work so please be on the lookout!

I’d also welcome hearing from you about if you’d interested in joining one of our three dedicated committees serving as the FTJF workforce: 

  • Communications:  Nathan Dennies & Doug Bothner, Co-chairs 
  • Stewardship:  David Goldman & Chris Attenborough, Co-Chairs
  • Land Use:  Marian Glebes & Nick Lindow, Co-Chairs 

COVID-19 has severely impacted FTJF clean-up projects and planting activities in cooperation with Blue Water Baltimore, but we look forward to re-starting projects all along the Jones Falls in 2021.

Meanwhile, if you’ve already become a member of FTJF, we’re glad for your support. If you haven’t yet signed up, please read the accompanying post by member MTO of Eager Park.

All the best, 

Sandy Sparks, President    

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