About Us

Established in 2018, the Friends of The Jones Falls, Inc. is a volunteer-based organization incorporated to support and sustain the quality of life and long-term stewardship of the Jones Falls from the headwaters in Baltimore County to the Inner Harbor.

Our Board of Directors

President – Sandy Sparks
Vice President – Mark Conway
Vice President for Membership, Partnership and Development- Dick Williams
Treasurer – Nick Lindow
Secretary – Jennifer Aiosa

Jim Campbell
Al Barry
Nathan Dennies
Nan Rohrer
David Goldman
Chris Attenborough
Katie O’Meara
Marian Glebes
Ken Rice
Doug Bothner
Mark Conway

Ex Officio
Delegate Melissa Wells
Delegate Steve Lafferty
Councilman Leon Pinkett

Committee Chairs
Communications – Nathan Dennies
Stewardship – David Goldman
Land Use: Marian Glebes and Nick Landow

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