An Initial Report on FTJF’s Drone Mapping Project

The FJFT is pleased to announce that this spring’s drone mapping pilot project was a great success. Led by Board member Katie O’Meara, a member of MICA’s Architectural Design faculty, and joined by FJFT-funded student intern Anna Brackett (MICA Architectural Design, 2022), our mapping team was able to capture a range of high-resolution video and photographic footage of a portion of the lower Jones Falls. 

Spring Will Have a Certain Lift for Friends of The Jones Falls

The FTJF Board has just approved funding from member contributions of a pilot mapping project that will use a drone to create 2-D photographic maps and video footage of a sample portion of the Jones Falls floodway. The mapsand clips will be turned into a baseline set of data about the extent and effectiveness ofContinue reading “Spring Will Have a Certain Lift for Friends of The Jones Falls”